Taking Florence with Ferragamo


What happens when you take an iconic Italian brand to the beautiful streets of Florence? Well, magic! At least that’s what I felt like when I was shooting these photos for Salvatore Ferragamo. I went to the city a few weeks ago with the brand, and we were treated to four wonderful days in Italy, experiencing the best of what the country had to offer, while learning about Salvatore Ferragamo’s history along the way. 

On one of my last days in Florence, I shot three bags from Ferragamo - the gorgeous Studio, Mini Studio, and Vara Bow bag. As someone who has quite a penchant for color when it comes to dressing up, I was amused by the palette of these bags - the bright blue, red, and yellow were exciting! I thought it would be fun to show you guys how I decided to style them.


A Poppy Red


If I absolutely had to choose my favorite bag among the options, it would be the Mini Studio Bag in red. When I saw it, I immediately visualised wearing a dark and sultry outfit to contrast the bright cherry color. I wore navy blue and black, which true enough, perfectly complemented the bag. It made the color pop really beautifully. And since I was wearing a black leather skirt - a piece that’s quite edgy - the cherry red bag brought it down a notch and made the outfit more daytime-friendly. 


An Opulent Blue


This black dress was such a dramatic piece - the perfect match to the super scenic backdrop we shot against. Again, I wanted to wear a dark-colored outfit so that I could punctuate the look with the brightly colored bag. The Studio Bag in this rich blue tone was just perfect. I love how flexible the bag was too - practical enough for daytime, but dressy enough for night time. I think that for the modern woman on the go, finding transitional pieces like the Studio Bag which you can take from day to night is essential. 


A Delightful Yellow


I feel like yellow is a color that a lot of people are afraid to wear, but in reality, is something that easily goes well with everything! Case in point, this outfit of mine, which was quite bohemian with its earthy tones and loose cuts, worked really well with this yellow Vara Bow Bag. It added the tiniest pop of yellow, but made for the best finishing accent. Now, if I were to give advice to people who are a little hesitant to add color to their wardrobe, I would suggest starting with accessories - a colored bag or shoe - then slowly transitioning towards more colorful garments. In the end, the most important thing you should remember is just to have fun with it! 


These photographs were taken by the lovely people of Sweet Escape. If you’d like to set up a session with them, head over to the Sweet Escape website. You can also use my code, “ESCAPEWITHHEART” and get a $50 discount and 30 additional photos. 


You can watch the rest of my Italian adventure here, on my Milan and Florence Vlog:


Before I sign off, I’d like to thank Salvatore Ferragamo for such a fantastic trip; It was definitely one for the books! And of course, I’d like to wish a big congratulations to Stores Specialist Group Inc. for 30 glorious years! Cheers to you, friends! 

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Chynna Lim