Setting up my Dining Table


You guys know how much I enjoy dressing up a table. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice just how much I love changing up my dining setup on the daily! Something just as small as using a new set of plates, or folding a napkin in a certain way gives me so much joy. Today, I’ll be sharing a few of my top tips for setting up a table. Creating a beautiful dining set up is really not as complicated as it seems — you’ll see!


Tip 1: Stock up Your China Cabinet

You don’t need to have a full arsenal of tableware, just the basics and a few fun accessories which you love. Here’s a little sneak peak of my cabinet. Aside from just a storage space, I view this place as a room of memories - displaying things that are connected to certain people and places. I’ll be releasing a full tour on my YouTube channel soon!


Tip 2: Stick to a Color Story 

Setting a beautiful, Instagram-worthy table is really easy if you stick to a color palette. A blue and white theme is a favourite of mine because it’s timeless. I mean, blue and white Chinese porcelain? What a classic! As you see here, everything on the table - from the dishes to the candle holders - are within the color story, so together, they create a beautifully harmonious setup. 


Tip 3: Experiment with Textures 

Once you have everything you need for a beautiful color story, the next step is adding a little dimension through texture. Experiment with fun and interesting materials for your table. In this setup, I used white porcelain dishes, textured plate chargers, and thick, rattan placemats.   


Tip 4: Mix High-End and Low-End Items

As the expert decorator Mr. Badang Rueda said, it’s okay to blend pricey and non-pricey items together. As long as everything fits the theme, your dining setup will look beautiful! In this setup, you’ll see items that are from brands that are a little pricey (but super worth it), and items that are from local makers who I spot in bazaars. 


And that’s it! There are plenty of other tricks to table setting, but having these basic tips is a good place to start. The overall rule I tell myself to follow is just to have fun with it. Dining is an experience that was meant to create happy bonding moments with the people you love - so don’t take it too seriously! :)


Thank you, Sweet Escape, for these wonderful photos! If you’d like to set up your own appointment, head over to their website to learn how. It’s such an easy process, plus, with my code “ESCAPEWITHHEART,” you will get a $50 discount and 30 additional photos. 

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Chynna Lim