My Sweet Escape to Como, Italy


When I was a young girl, I got a taste of this magical thing called travelling through my childhood family vacations. But when I started working in show business, travelling started to feel more like a far-off dream because I rarely had breaks or days off. So now that I have the luxury to travel, saying that it is close to my heart is an understatement. I wholeheartedly appreciate every moment I get to explore and experience new places.

I’m lucky to have a husband who’s the perfect travel companion. Chiz, though is a homebody who’d prefer staying in Manila, willingly accompanies me to my adventures. He’s actually a dream travel buddy - a great navigator, an organized itinerary-planner, and an efficient hotel and flight booker. He does have a weak point, though - his photo-taking skills. I can’t ask him to take my photos yet because they usually involve out-of-frame limbs, my head partially cut off, or my eyes mid-blink partially. He’s a man of many talents, Chiz, but being an Instagram-Husband isn’t one of them. 

Como - 4.png

My hubby’s more of a natural in front of a camera than behind one, definitely.


I’ve been to plenty beautiful places with Chiz, with each trip being one for the books. One of our most recent vacations was a trip to Como. Como is a city in Lombardy, Italy, most known for its close proximity to Lake Como and the Alps, which gives the city views of majestic mountains and seas. We stayed in a beautiful villa with sprawling fields and views of nature. It felt completely serene – definitely what I needed to recharge. God truly makes the most marvellous things!


Anytime I get to wear my coats and blazers, I'm one happy girl!

Como - 1.png

We went during the peak of spring so the weather was crisp, cool, and just perfect!

love_marie_ongpauco-lake_como-s1_1 copy.png

Blazer - Balenciaga; Top - Uniqlo; Jeans - Zara; Shoes - Prada; Bag - Hermes.


This trip was especially meaningful to me because of two reasons. First, it was one of Chiz and I’s longest travels yet. Because of our schedules, we usually take quick 4 to 5 day trips. Thankfully, the stars aligned for this trip and our schedules allowed for us to get away for a full 10 days. Secondly, the trip consisted of Chiz and I, plus ten of our dear friends and family. We were a big group staying in one villa, so it was double - or triple, or actually quadruple - the fun! We caught-up, made kwento, and laughed til we cried.

Como - 3.png

Coat - Gucci; Top - Uniqlo; Jeans - Zara; Shoes - Alexander McQueen; Bag - Carolina Herrera; Sunglasses - Quay.


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