My Harper's Bazaar Shoot


Photo by Matthieu Salvaing for Harper's Bazaar US.

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Woke up in Paris, grateful.


What do you do when Kevin Kwan messages you to invite you to be a part of his Harper’s Bazaar feature? Scream in surprise – yes, excitedly dial your husband – yes, agree to the invitation – of course! Truth be told, I was going through quite a difficult bump in my personal life when I received Kevin’s message. I was actually ready to cancel my Paris Fashion Week trip because I was in such bad shape. But thank heavens I didn’t, because if I did, I wouldn’t have been able to partake in one the best projects of my life. 

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With the man of the hour, Mr. Kevin Kwan.


Words can’t even begin to describe the whirlwind that was Paris Fashion Week Couture. It went by so quickly because I felt like I was in a complete daze – the clothes, the people, the place – it all felt unreal. I wanted to soak up every moment of my trip, documenting every second through pictures in my mind. I feel so corny when I say that the feature was a dream-come-true for me, but truly, it was! I mean, I never thought I’d be frolicking in a feathered Armani Privé cape, fresh from the couture runway, around the streets of Paris. These are things that I could never have even dreamed of – just genuine “pinch me” moments. 

 If I could dress in a haute couture gown everyday, I would...

If I could dress in a haute couture gown everyday, I would...

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Fittings on fittings on fittings! Here I am during my Elie Saab and Armani Privé fittings.

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Quiet in-between moments amidst the madness.

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A few of our many pastry breaks.


Honestly, a girl like me never really thought that her love for fashion would take her to such heights. I feel so honored to have even been thought of as an Asian fashion icon. My heart is filled with gratitude to Kevin Kwan, who has now become a dear friend of mine, to the Harper’s Bazaar team, who welcomed me with open arms, and to the girls – Michelle Yeoh, Rachel Yeoh, and Feiping Chang – who were not only the most stylish, but the most intelligent group to converse with. 

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I learned so much from this group of interesting, intelligent, and inspiring people! I'm already looking forward to the time we see each other again.

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I couldn't have gone through it without my Paris Fashion Week family - my dear glam team!


You can read the full article here, and watch the full video here:

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As they say in France, au revoir!