Lipsticks for Every Occasion


Photo by Sweet Escape.


My love for lipstick is no secret. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see how much I love changing it up! I have quite an arsenal in my vanity, and even my own line in collaboration with Happy Skin. Though my collection is always growing, I have a few favorites that I just keep coming back to. Today I’m going to share my go-to lip products and combinations for 5 occasions. I’m also going to throw in a few of my own little makeup secrets. Read on! :)


Errand Day


Lip Tint - Rom&nd; Featuring “In Full Bloom” and “On Blossom Lake “ from LM in Full Bloom. 

If I had it my way, I would glam it up everyday like I do in Paris - wearing feathers, sequins, and glittery makeup on the daily. But I’m a little embarrassed to do that in Manila, so I try my best to tone down my everyday looks. Since I’m already in 6-inch platform heels when I go to the grocery, I choose to wear lip products that have more muted colors.

My go-to lip product is this Rom&nd lip tint. I love it because it’s both liquid-y and creamy at the same time. Put it on top of lip balm and you have an easy everyday look. 


Date Night


Lip Liner and Lipstick - L’Oreal; Featuring “In Full Bloom“ from LM in Full Bloom. 

One of my signature makeup looks is definitely a bold red lip. I just feel like it makes my skin look more radiant. When I’m a little tired at the end of the day but have plans to go out, I can let my makeup do all the work. I just wear a white tee, jeans, heels, a few gold accessories, a tight updo, and a swipe of red lipstick. It gives you a chic look without having to put in a lot of effort.

To do my red lip, I go over my whole lip with L’Oreal’s lip liner in Wine. Then, I put on L’Oreal lipstick in Flaming Kiss. A trick that I’ve learned is using a deeper red tone for lip liner, then a brighter red tone for the lipstick. The two tones balance each other out and you’ll achieve the perfect shade of red. Also, you’ll notice that I like layering lip products on one another; I almost always start with a lip liner then a lipstick on top. Doing this ups the staying power of the lip products, because after a layer of lipstick is rubbed off from eating or what not, you’re still left with a nice color from the liner. 


Girls’ Night Out


Lipstick (L-R) - Happy Skin, Tom Ford, Mac; Lip Tint - Sephora; Featuring “Color Chaos“ from LM in Full Bloom. 

For dinner or drinks with my girlfriends, I like doing a nude lip. Actually, aside from my bold red lip look, I would say that a nude lip look is one of my signatures. In fact, the lipstick I use now, Mac’s lipstick Faux, has been the same one I’ve been using for over than 10 years! If you read magazine articles of me from around 2005 about my makeup routine, you’ll see that I’ve been loving it since then. It’s just a timeless shade for me. 

Aside from Mac’s Faux, I like using Happy Skin x Love Marie lipstick in Skinny Dipping or Tom Ford lipstick in Smoked Sable. I top it all off with Sephora tint in Infinite Rose. 

My best tip to pull off a nude lip look is finding 2-3 shades to play around with. There are so many “nude” shades in the spectrum, your choice should really depend on how your skin is looking and feeling that day. For example, when I feel like my skin is a little dull, I choose a nude with a more pinkish tone. Sometimes, what fits your skin tone one day might not look as nice the next day, so it’s always good to have a few choices. 


Sunday Brunch


Lip Liner - MAC; Lipstick - L’Oreal; Lip Tint - Sephora; Featuring “Girl in the Floral Veil“ from LM in Full Bloom. 

For me, Sunday is the most chill day of the week, so, I like to reflect that in my outfit and makeup look. I know this sounds a little silly, but whenever I change my shoe, I change my lip color. So when I’m in a casual Sunday brunch outfit with lower heels, my makeup look transforms into something more casual as well. Am I the only one who thinks this way? Let me know if you do this too!

My go-to for Sunday brunches is a peachy-nude lippie. I go over my whole lip with Mac’s lip liner in Boldly Bare. Then, I put L’Oreal’s lipstick in Hinted Blush. It’s one of my go-to shades because it’s just the right balance of nude, peach, and pink, all in one. I find that it complements my skin tone really well too. I finish off the whole look with Sephora tint in Infinite Rose. I use this Sephora tint to top of a lot of my lip looks. The thing that I love most about it is how it manages to be both matte and metallic - it gives me that highly-pigmented and high-shine finish that no other product can achieve. 




Lip and Cheek Mousse - Happy Skin; Featuring “In Full Bloom“ from LM in Full Bloom. 

For meetings, I usually lean towards using a coral lip color because I feel like it gives a really good first impression. I’m often mistaken to be sort of a “snob” which I hate, because I’m actually the super ma-chika type! My team can attest to the fact that I can actually talk to you for hours even if we’ve just met. So I try to present myself to look as approachable and friendly as possible during meetings. The color coral is perfect for that because it’s cheeky and bubbly - just like me! It’s also not as sweet as a pink or nude, but not as seductress-like as a red. It’s just perfect shade! 

For my coral lip look, I actually use a lip and cheek tint. Happy Skin’s mousse in Always in Love is my go-to because it’s easy, multi-purpose, and the perfect shade of coral. 


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And that’s it! Those are my 5 favorite lip looks for 5 occasions. I’d love to hear about your favorite lip products and combinations too! Let me know in the comments below. :) 

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