My New York Fashion Week Outfit Diary


A few weeks ago, I flew to the big apple to attend New York Fashion Week. It was a short but definitely memorable trip where I got to attend fashion shows, meet industry insiders, go to parties, and just have an overall great time with all that New York City had to offer. Just for fun, I made a little outfit dairy of my #NYFW looks. I hope you enjoy! 


Kate Spade Fashion Show

LAYOUT 2-1.jpg
LAYOUT 4-1.jpg

Photography: Marts Romero

Dress and Bag: Kate Spade; Shoes - Louboutin; Sunglasses - Nicole Syjuco; Necklace - Dior; Bracelets - Dior, and Van Cleef & Arpels.


For Kate Spade, I was dressed by none other than the Kate Spade team. I chose this dress because I wanted something more easy and relaxed, especially because the weather in New York was quite hot that day. This flowy midi-dress with fluttery sleeves and a dainty print was just the thing!

The color of the dress was quite soft, so I added a pop of pink with the Kate Spade bag (which unlocks with a Heart-shaped lock – so cool!), and bright red heels. Then, I piled on my bracelets and necklaces. Some people might think that this is over-accessorizing but I don’t really mind. For me, accessories are a part of my identity. Whether I’m in a casual Sunday dress or a ball gown, I wear my layered necklaces, bracelets and other accessories; It’s just “me.” Sometimes, I think you shouldn’t follow the “rules” people say for dressing up. As long as you carry your outfit with confidence, it’ll look good!


Tory Burch Fashion Show

Suit - Tibi; Bra - Dior; Shoes - Louboutin; Bag - Tory Burch; Sunglasses - Prive Revaux; Necklaces - Dior, Royal Gem; Bracelets - Dior, and Van Cleef & Arpels.


Tibi is one of my go-to designers, especially for everyday pieces. Though I shop for a lot of my Tibi’s online, I still love the feeling of shopping in an actual store, so I went to the Distinqt boutique to find a look. 

This suit was a no-brainer for me because I love matching sets. I particularly loved this one because of the fit – it was a little boxy and oversized which complimented my body type. It came with a high-waisted trouser which is one of my favorite pant silhouettes because it hides your unwanted part, and looks good with a sexy little top. I’m wearing a Dior bra, which is actually what I also wore under my Kate Spade dress. If you want to spend a little money on a designer garment, I would definitely recommend a Dior bra because it goes with absolutely everything. I’ve worn this thousands of times – alone as a top, under oversized jackets, or under a tube dress with the statement straps popping out -  it’s just so versatile. I truly enjoy having multi-purpose pieces – clothes that work hard and give you the best bang out of your buck!


Prabal Gurung Fashion Show


Photography: Marts Romero

Suit - Prabal Gurung; Bag - Fendi; Necklace - Royal Gem; Bracelets - Dior, and Van Cleef & Arpels.


Is it obvious that I just love wearing suits? I loved this one so much that I bought it in another color! When Prabal Gurung contacted me to dress me for Fashion Week, I immediately chose this red stunner. And since I knew I could only wear something as bold as this for one shining fashion moment, I decided to buy the white version for myself. And now, I own the white version of this suit which I plan to wear one thousand and one times. 

I made a pretty bold fashion choice this day which was well, to forgo a top. Thankfully, my friend who also happens to be a top fashion stylist, Kat, was there with her styling kit at all times. She actually sewed me up so that this suit would fit perfectly. 

For most of my New York Fashion Week trip, I leaned towards more fresh and natural makeup looks. But for the Prabal Gurung show, I went for a bolder look because the outfit just called for it. I put my hair in a sleek bun, and then swiped on a deep red lipstick. I think It complemented the power suit perfectly. 


Last Day in New York

NYFW Tibi Heart Evangelista and Kat Cruz 023 20180909 DSC_5492.jpg

Photography: Marts Romero

Coat - Topshop; Shirtdress - Zara; Skirt - MSGM; Boots - Schutz; Bag - Fendi; Bracelets - Dior; Watch - Hermes.


This look was actually a little bit of a last-minute curation because I didn’t expect New York to suddenly turn chilly and rainy. Kat and I braved the morning cold to go to Aritzia, Topshop, and other high-street stores to buy jackets. We actually had to wait outside the stores because we went so early and they weren’t open yet. Once the stores did open, we did a mad dash through the racks to find something quickly as we had a packed schedule for the rest of the day. Thankfully, I found this coat at Topshop which ended up matching my outfit perfectly. 

In lieu of my experience with moody New York weather, I’d like to share some advice for rainy-day dressing. My first tip would be to pick a good shoe. I was supposed to wear a pair of pumps but chose to forgo them for these more practical, albeit still fabulous, pair of Schutz boots. High-heeled pumps might look great but trust me, exposed feet are rainy side streets is not a good idea. My next tip would be to bring a plastic nylon bag with you at all times. When it starts to rain, I always protect my handbag and place it inside the Nylon bag. There’s no way I’m letting my babies get any water damage! If it’s not raining too hard, I still use the nylon bag for all my other valuables like my vlogging camera and SD cards. 

The rest of my outfit consisted of a Zara button-down shirt dress which I layered with a utilitarian MSGM skirt. It’s quite an unconventional styling choice, yes, but again, as long as you carry an outfit with confidence, it works! Also, the dress is actually a years-old piece that’s been in my wardrobe for forever. Sometimes, the best looks are made not by buying new things, but by reworking and restyling existing pieces in your closet. 


And that concludes my New York Fashion Week outfit diary! But before you go, I’d love to share a few of my other snaps from my fabulous trip! Enjoy!


For even more of my New York adventure, you can watch my #NYFW vlog here:


Thanks for dropping by! Stay tuned for another article about my NYC trip! (Hint: it has a little something to do with parties). Until next time!

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